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  • 無錫華邦電工設備有限公司官方網站 銷售電話:0510-82628022 82604866
    首頁 >> 產品展示 >> 熱塑性低煙無鹵阻燃電纜料系列 >> 90℃熱塑性低煙無鹵阻燃乙丙電纜料(護套料-2324)


    In polyolefin thermoplastic low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin materials for the base material, join the halogen-free, non-toxic Flame retardant and stabilizer, lubricant, etc by mixing and plasticizing and granulation. It has a low Smoke, low toxicity, low corrosion, good processing property, physical and mechanical properties, and insulation performance Excellent flame retardancy. This materials do not contain halogen, comply with the eu RoHS directive and REACH regulation. The requirements of the relevant applicable to power cable, communication cable, control cable